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All our bikes are prepped for sale in our own workshops, including a 50 point check and full service so you're ready to race.



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Bike Builds

1994 Chesterfield Rinaldi Yamaha YZ 250

Here is the 1994 Chesterfield Rinaldi Yamaha YZ 250 Mike Brown will represent team USA when he races at next weekend’s Vets MXDN at Farleigh Castle here in the UK.

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1990 Eric Geboers Tribute Honda CR500 - Ken de Dycker

Here is the 1990 Eric Geboers tribute CR500 we have built for Ken de Dycker to race this weekends Vets MXDN at Farleigh Castle here in the UK.

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Fro's KX500

I've known Jeff since I started full time in the states back in 1993. We really used to hang out a lot in the years I worked at Smith Optics.

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Puzar's RM250

When we had the opportunity to build a bike for a legend like Alex Puzar we jumped at the chance.

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Dobb's KX500

The same year as we built the KX 500 for Jeff Emig we built a sister bike for former World Champion, Jamie Dobb.

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Dowd's KX500

We often get asked to build and run the bikes for some 'heavy hitters' from the American race scene.

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Hannah's Yamaha OW

Here is one of Bob Hannah's full factory Yamaha OW bikes we imported for a collector here in the UK.

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Chad's Honda

We were asked to build a Honda CR 250 for 3 time world champion Trampas Parker.

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Thorpe's RC500

We were asked by Gary Cartmell, a reputable collector (trust me they are few and far between) to rebuild the 1986 Thorpe World Championship RC500 he had bought direct from the 4 time World Champ.

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JMB's CR500

For Farleigh Castle VMXDN we were asked to build bikes for what can only be described as legends.

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The Dream Team

We were asked to build some Kawasaki KX 500's for the American "Dream Team" who were to come to Farleigh.

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More Special Builds

Here is a gallery of some of the special stuff we've built over the last few years.

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1984 Husky CR 250

Back in the early 80's I was racing local AMCA for the Worcester club, struggling as you do in the Juniors on a clapped out YZ 250H I bought from a bankruptcy sale.

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